Collection: Exclusive Export Clay Wood Fired Oven

It is our High End in clay wood fired ovens, because it incorporates additional features that make it a more resistant oven, while improving its aesthetics, and ensuring a much longer life.

- 80 cm clay oven (interior 70 cm, base 100 x 100 cm), / 90 cm (interior 80 cm, base 110 x 110 cm) / 100 cm (interior 90 cm, base 120 x 120 cm), made with Our exclusive patented products, such as:

- Cast iron door with our effective anti-smoke system (patented), adjustable in height. Of 1 cm of thickness and 23 kg of weight.

- Chimney bell + stainless steel cutting (patented) covered with refractory bricks, for greater protection, being the point of highest concentration of heat in the oven, avoiding also dilatations.

- The interior floor of the oven, in addition to the floor of the oven, is covered with refractory tiles, which gives it more resistance and durability, as well as more capacity to retain the temperature, with the consequent saving of firewood.

- Perfectly insulated with Warranty numbered in writing.

- Exterior finished with projected natural cork paint, so it can be outside without problems.

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